Work With Me

Are you ready to take lasting steps toward living your best life? My coaching style may not be for everyone. In fact, if you are looking for a quick fix, a magic pill, a diet based on meal replacement shakes, or just to lose the last 10 pounds without addressing the mental, emotional or physical habits that are keeping you there–I’m not who you want to work with.

But, if you are:

*Feeling stuck

*Are tired of trying all the diets only to go right back to where you started a month after you end your program or cleanse

*Have anxiety you can’t shake, and want to try a more holistic approach (even if you are also on medication)

*Are ready to stop counting every calorie and just make healthy living a priority

*Want to learn how to listen to your body and eat more intuitively–while also eating in a way that nature intended

*Are ready to love your body or begin to befriend it

*Are ready to let your lifestyle be the medicine that heals instead of harms you.

*Want to ditch dieting for good and learn to trust your body’s wisdom and connect to your intuition when it comes to health

*Want to work with a provider to make evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes that are realistic for your lifestyle

Then what are you waiting for? Email me for a free 20 minute consultation! Otherwise, pricing is as follows:

$40 for a 50 minute session with a follow up email for support. Sessions can take place via phone, skype, or in person. Sessions include time for you to address your health concerns (mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional). Keri will then guide you with additional questions and provide suggestions for you to decide to make a practice. Follow-up emails will be sent within 48 hours of your session, and may include additional tips, reading, questions for journal work & self-reflection, or encouragement.

$50 for up to an hour session and a custom flower essence blend and affirmation to help you rewrite your inner narrative that may keep you from making the choices you know would lead to your most vibrant, healthy self.

$60 for in person sessions that include a pantry revision and grocery store tour. In these sessions, Keri will come to your home and go through your refrigerator and pantry and help you clean out foods that make it difficult for you to make wise health choices, and also include either suggestions to replace less healthy choices and/or a grocery store trip so that you are prepared to make healthier choices a part of your daily life.

$105 for three sessions over a 6 week time frame. These sessions include the same as an individual session, but may allow for more depth in work. They will also likely include hand outs, readings, food samples, recipes, meal plan ideas, flower essences, tea blends, or other items.

Did I mention I offer FREE 20 minute sessions? You deserve to feel good about your body.

With love,