Most of the day, it’s easy to walk around forgetting that we have a body–we’re focused on work or worries, or achieving or attaining something. For me, yoga is the one sure-fire way to embody my body. And that practice—sinking in to my cells—has also lead to befriending my body.

These days I also teach yoga—though I cringe at the word “Teach.” I’d rather those who come to my classes consider me almost as a translator, and their body is the teacher. Throughout class, we learn way to communicate with (and hopefully to embody and befriend) our bodies. Come see me at Windsor Yoga Family:


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Beginning Yoga: Takes new yogi’s through a yoga class at the grass roots level. Each class will move at a slow pace to learn poses and proper alignment as well as breathing techniques and the history of yoga, students are welcome to ask questions, and can come without having any yoga experience.

Slow Burn: Slow it down! This peaceful yet calming vinyasa class combines slow flow postures with breathwork to help strengthen the muscles and mind. By spending more time in each asana, you’ll be able to dig into each pose to focus on alignment, strength, and mental and physical endurance.

Energizing Flow: Get ready to sweat! Energizing flow is a fun, quicker paced vinyasa class which uses flowing transitions to focus on core strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance and flexibility.

Fusion Flow: The best of both worlds–fusion flow combines yin and yang elements to allow students to experience two classes in one. The first half will typically focus on a powerful, energizing vinyasa flow; while the second half allows your mind and body to decompress with calming restorative yoga poses.


Namaste ❤